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PROMOTION DAY….Wednesday 3rd April 2019 from 11am – 5pm

Come and join us for a special Promotion day to view the latest Spring/Summer Collection from FRANK LYMAN…..our model will be modelling all the latest dresses, tops, trouser, jackets and coats while you sip a glass of Champagne.

We will give you 10% OFF anything you want to order or buy from the FRANK LYMAN Spring collection.

Please come along it is going to be a fun day, bring a friend…..you are going to love the beautiful collection of clothes we are going to model for you, and our professional team will be there offering personal styling advice.

Make a note in your diary for Wednesday 3rd April 2019 from 11am – 5pm

Take The Stress Of Finding The Right Mother Of The Bride Dress

The wedding is fast approaching and your daughter or daughter-in-law has her perfect bridal dress, but now comes is the hard part. What is the other most important woman on the day going to wear?

The majority of Mother of the Brides’ that I meet can find it stressful to find their perfect wedding outfit. With so many designers on the market and a variety of styles and accessories to choose from it is important to bear in mind the following tips.

The Colour

The photos from the big day will be shown around to family and friends for years to come, which is why it is important to make sure your outfit colour does not clash with the bridesmaids. The way to think of it is that any colour on the opposite side of a colour wheel will clash. For example, blue against orange is horrid and – as everyone knows – red and green should never be seen.

If you have no idea what colour will go, ask the bride to get a sample of the bridesmaid dress material (most bridal shops will happily provide you with this) and along with your daughter’s approval this should relieve some of the stress.

The Shape

There are so many different shapes, styles, and designers to choose from that it can sometimes be daunting when deciding which dress to try on first. I would recommend trying on a different range of styles, but keep in mind your body shape. Dressing your figure up in the wrong style of clothing will highlight the areas of your body that you are less fond of and no-one wants to fall uncomfortable on such an important day.

Black Is Back

It was once thought that wearing black to a wedding was disrespectful but this is no longer the case. A number of designers now incorporate the colour as either a feature in the dress or the main dress colour, as many designers have found that black is the most flattering colour to suit the majority of body shapes – especially when it comes to larger sizes. Black and white is now a really popular theme for wedding attire, so you should keep your options open as a black number could be the one for you.

Be Comfortable

It’s great finding the perfect outfit, shoes and accessories for your loved one’s big day but keep in mind that weddings are often day-long events and you need to be comfortable throughout. Just because you can stand up in a tight fitting dress doesn’t mean that you’ll be quite as comfortable when you try to sit down. Make sure that whatever outfit you choose, you can sit down comfortably and stand up in it (and your shoes!) for long periods so you can enjoy this special day the way that every proud mother should do.

Coco Fashion have got a huge choice of mother of the bride outfits, in all colours and styles. You can view our latest collection here.

Better still, why not pop into the Coco Fashion Boutique and try on some of our great range? We have luxurious and spacious fitting rooms for you to enjoy and the Coco Fashion team will be on hand to help with any styling advice you may need – without and pressure or hassle to buy.

Best Regards,


Alice Cox

Boutique Owner

Coco Fashion


Choosing The Perfect Fitting Bridal Dress

Finding Mr Right and planning your fairy-tale wedding is an exciting but often stressful time, and many brides-to-be will find that their weight and body shape will change frequently in the run up to their big day.

A great deal of brides will frantically start trying to lose weight before their wedding, hoping to get down to the weight they were a few years ago. Sometimes even the slimmest of women can find that they end up unintentionally losing a lot of weight before their nuptials simply because of the stress involved in planning a wedding, and this means that they might not fit in their chosen wedding dress any more.

When searching for your perfect dress, you should realise how important it is for it to fit perfectly. Your wedding dress should fit you like a glove, and I don’t mean it should stick out in five places!

If you are buying off the rail, you should find that they have several sizes in the one style of wedding dress, but if you are buying from a boutique like Coco Fashion you will find that we normally only have one size in each dress, so we will then alter your dress to fit your specific measurements.

One of the most important factors in choosing the perfect bridal dress for you is to get your measurements right, so below I have outlined the average sizes women’s clothes are measured in, alongside their general measurements:

UK Size Chest (cm) Waist (cm) Hips (cm)
6 78-81 60-63 80-84
8 82-86 64-68 85-89
10 87-90 69-72 90-94
12 91-94 73-76 95-99
14 95-99 77-81 100-104
16 100-104 82-87 105-110
18 105-110 88-93 111-116
20 111-116 94-99 117-122
22 117-123 100-105 123-128

It should also be noted that few people are ever the one standard size across their whole body; many women will need to wear a different size on top in comparison to what they need on the bottom – so the key to getting the right size to suit your figure is to get yourself fitted by a professional.

Coco Fashion stock a fantastic range of bridal dresses in sizes 8-26, and we offer a specialist alterations service to ensure that your chosen wedding gown fits you perfectly. Pop in to the Coco Fashion boutique at any time and let our expert and friendly team help you choose the right size and style of dress to best compliment your shape.

Better still, bring the whole bridal party along with you and spend an afternoon trying on a beautiful range of outfits from our Bridal range, Mother of The Bride and Groom collection and our unique selection of Bridesmaids dresses too.

You can find us at 210-212 High Road, Benfleet, Essex, SS7 5LD or visit us online at www.cocofashion.com.

Best Regards,


Alice Cox

Boutique Owner

Coco Fashion


Navy Blue: The Hot New Colour For Spring/Summer Mother Of The Bride Dresses

Every season a new colour dominates the latest collections for Mother Of The Bride dresses and for the Spring/Summer collections we are seeing a lot of deep, navy blue creations hitting the boutiques this year.

Navy is quite an unusual choice for Mother Of The Bride, as it is traditional for the mothers’ to wear a bright, standalone colour or to match their outfits to the bridesmaid dresses – but this season (perhaps to be in keeping with the somewhat muted weather we are having!) the big name designers have chosen much more subtle and reserved blues and golds as their key shades for the Spring/Summer collection.

Deep, rich and dark blues are very cool colours, and would not necessarily be associated with a Spring/Summer wedding but there is a certain air of importance, confidence and authority connected to navy blue. Navy is a powerful colour, and designers such as Gina Baconi and Presen have used creams, golds and pewters to soften their latest designs to ensure that the dark blue doesn’t overwhelm the overall look and feel of their dresses.

These dark blue colours are certainly very striking and, although an unusual choice, these colours will suit many different skin types and colourings as they will not clash against pale skin and bright hair. The latest range of navy and deep blue Mother Of The Bride dresses definitely scream sophistication and are sure to make you stand out for all the right reasons on your loved ones big day. After all, the Mother Of The Bride and Groom are one of the most important people in any wedding and it is as important for you to wow at the ceremony as it is for the Bride and Groom.

Coco Fashion’s latest Spring/Summer collection is now in store and we have a fantastic range of Mother Of The Bride dresses from a great range of designers such as Condici, Linea Raffaelli and Mon Cheri.

Why not make the most of the bad weather and pop along to Coco Fashion this weekend to enjoy a relaxing afternoon with your loved ones in our luxurious and spacious dressing rooms, where you can try on some of our new collection pieces, complete with matching hat, bag and shoes.

With no pressure to buy and our friendly team on hand to give advice about styling and fit you are sure to find the outfit you are looking for at Coco Fashion. Call us today on 01268 756 144 or email us at info@cocofashion.com to find out more about our latest range.

Best Regards,


Alice Cox

Boutique Owner

Coco Fashion


Choosing The Perfect Bridesmaids Dresses To Compliment Your Bridal Outfit

Even though the bride will always be the centre of attention on the big day, the bride will still want her bridesmaids to look the part – as what the bridesmaids are wearing is just as important as the rest of the wedding party.

It can be very difficult finding a dress that will not only compliment your wedding dress and be in keeping with the colour scheme for the wedding, but that will also suit the individual style and figures of your chosen ladies.

So let’s explore some of the bridesmaids’ dresses Coco Fashion has in store and help you decide which dresses will be the best choice for your big day.

Short vs Long

If you’ve chosen a floor length wedding dress then you might want to opt for shorter bridesmaids dresses to contrast against your outfit, and vice versa if you have a shorter wedding dress.

You need to be aware of the height of your bridesmaids when choosing a shorter style, as very tall bridesmaids will look too “leggy” in short dress. If you have bridesmaids of all different sizes and shapes, it is probably wise to opt for long bridesmaids dresses, as floor length dresses look good on almost all women – and you will avoid any issues some bridesmaids’ may have with showing off their legs this way as well.


Straps vs Strapless

There are some beautiful bridesmaids’ dresses available with some fantastic strap detail, which really adds that extra edge to the dress, but not all body shapes will suit straps. If you have any bridesmaids who have particularly broad shoulders then you are likely to find that straps don’t sit the way they should do on these women.

Strapless dresses look great on most figures, so styles without straps may be the safer option in the long run, as they won’t cut your special ladies in awkward places and spoil the overall effect of the dress.


All The Same vs Mix & Match

Whilst it’s common for brides to choose one style of dress for the whole bridal party to wear, it’s not always possible to find one style to suit all of your bridesmaids’ figures – so don’t be afraid to choose different styles of dress to suit each individual lady, but keep them in the same colour palate to avoid any colour clashes.


At Coco Fashion, we have a wide range of bridesmaids’ dresses to choose from, all designed by high-fashion bridal wear designer Ronald Joyce. You and your bridal party can come in and enjoy an afternoon at Coco Fashion, trying on bridal dresses and bridesmaid gowns in our luxurious and spacious dressing rooms – where the Coco Fashion team will be on hand, with a glass of bubbly and their expert advice on fitting and styling.

All of our dresses are available in sizes 8 to 26, and we can even provide a full fitting service for the whole bridal party using our specialist alterations service.  Make choosing the perfect bridal, bridesmaids and mother of the bride dresses an experience to remember, with no pressure to buy and friendly staff on hand to help.

Best Regards,


Alice Cox

Boutique Owner

Coco Fashion


Fancy Frocks For Valentine’s Day

With February 14th fast approaching many girlfriends, fiancées and wives will be hoping that their beloved will treat them to a night on the town to celebrate their love for one another in style. So the big question this week has to be “What do you wear on the most romantic night out of the year?!”

Well, you want to look your best – you want to dazzle him with your beauty and remind him exactly why he loves you so much. I don’t know a woman who wouldn’t want to walk into a room and have her partner gasp with surprise and find himself completely in awe of her beauty – do you?!

So let’s take a look at some of the sexy, seductive and simply divine cocktail and evening dresses that you can wow your partner in this Valentine’s Day.

Cocktail Dresses

Want to stand out from the crowd on your special night? Why not try a fitted, hot pink number like this Ispirato classic, which will emphasis your figure, caress your curves and ensure that he will only have eyes for you this Valentine’s Day.





Looking for something a bit shorter? Try this strapless, navy blue number from Jora, which is guaranteed to hug your figure and show off plenty of leg.






Or maybe you want something a bit more modern? If so, this beautiful strapless, crystal encrusted cocktail dress from Xcite is sure to turn heads. The detail on this dress is simply divine and is bang on trend for 2013.






Evening Gowns

Evening gowns are a great alternative to the shorter cocktail dresses, especially for the more mature woman who wants something sexy but not too revealing to dazzle her partner with on their big night out.

This monochrome maxi dress is fun and flirty, without revealing too much flesh. Black and white are key colours for the winter season, so you are sure to be bang on trend when you step out in this Gina Bacconi creation this Valentine’s Day.





Looking for something more feminine and dainty? Why not try this super sweet powder pink number from Mon Cheri, as I can promise that your beloved won’t be able to resist you in this floor-length, one shouldered creation.





We have a wide range of cocktail and evening wear in store at Coco Fashion, and our friendly team are always on hand to help you find the perfect little number for your big date this Valentine’s Day – so what are you waiting for?

Hot foot it down to Coco Fashion today and spend some time finding the perfect dress for the most romantic day of the year.  It will definitely be worth it when your other half can’t keep his eyes off you all night!

Best Regards,


Alice Cox

Boutique Owner

Coco Fashion


Mother Of The Bride Outfits – What Does Your Choice Of Colour Say About You?

With such a wide variety of mother of the bride outfits to choose from, it can be a hard choice when it comes to deciding what colour to go for. You want it to compliment the rest of the wedding party, and you might even take it one step further and match your wedding outfit to the colours of the flowers and seat covers!

But have you ever considered that the colour you choose for your loved ones big day might actually make people FEEL a certain way about you? Have you ever thought that the colour of your wedding outfit might portray certain emotions? Well, I imagine that most of you won’t have thought this far into it, but the fact is that certain colours do evoke specific emotions within us when we see them – and depending on what presence you want to have on the day, the colour of your mother of the bride or mother of the groom outfit could actually play a big part in how you feel about yourself and how others feel about you.

You might not know why you have a favourite colour, but it is a subconscious reflection of your personality and style.  Colours can influence moods and exude certain characteristics – so what does your choice of wedding outfit really say about you?

Black & White – Whilst it is thought to be bad luck to wear and entirely black or an entirely white outfit to a wedding (unless you are the bride of course!), a monochrome Mother of the Bride or Mother of the Groom dress combines the best of both colours and is bang on trend for 2013. The black in the outfit makes it look sexy and sophisticated, whilst the white suggests a purity and youthfulness.

Pink – Choosing a pink mother of the bride dress will make you appear very feminine and delicate. If you go for a pale, this will show off your softer and more sensitive nature. Choosing a bright pink demonstrates that you have a strong personality and know your own mind.

Green – Green is a very balanced colour, as it is a mixture of warm yellow and cool blue. The colour green is often thought as being very calming and tranquil. Lovers of this colour tend to be responsible, stable and principled so choosing a green wedding outfit is likely to portray a very refined image of you on the big day.

Blue – This colour has long been linked to royalty, and many of the wedding guests at the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton wore a variation of blue. With so many different shades of blue on the market, this colour can appear both soft and sweet or strong and bold depending on the colour you go for.

Purple – Choosing a purple mother of the bride or groom outfit will portray a very passionate and dignified persona on the big day. Purple is thought of as being a colour of wealth and luxury so is guaranteed to make you feel a million dollars on the special day.

Coco Fashion have got a huge choice of mother of the bride outfits, in all colours and styles. View our latest collection here.

Better still, why not pop into the Coco Fashion Boutique and try on some of our great range? We have luxurious and spacious fitting rooms for you to enjoy and the Coco Fashion team will be on hand to help with any styling advice you may need – without and pressure or hassle to buy.  Find out where we are based here.

Best Regards,


Alice Cox

Boutique Owner

Coco Fashion


Bridal Shoes – What Style Will Suit You Best On Your Big Day?

Although it is true that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, I would have to wager that shoes come a close second, which is why I’m always slightly amazed at the number of brides-to-be that I meet who have not given the first thought to their choice on footwear for their big day.

Now I know that the shoes and accessories are not as important as the dress, but they do complete the overall look of your wedding outfit and the shoes in particular can actually shape the way that the dress sits on your figure – so for me , a bride’s shoes are just as important as her veil or jewellery.

Styles Of Shoes

Kitten Heels

Kitten heels have a thin-based, low heel of less than 2 inches and are the most traditional style of bridal shoe.

Kitten heels are a very safe bet as they are very easy to walk in and you are guaranteed to be able to dance all night in them. They also look very dainty and delicate under your dress, so this style of shoe is a must if you’re not used to wearing heels and are worried about having to wear them all day.

Ankle Straps

Ankle straps have a single strap or multiple straps that wrap around the ankle. There is something particularly feminine and delicate about ankle straps, especially with a long dress.

However, women with short legs will find that ankle straps don’t do a great deal to flatter their figure, as they will cut off the line of your legs making you look shorter than you actually are. Ankle straps are a good choice if you’ve got long legs and slim ankles, and I think they give a certain edge to the traditional wedding shoe.

The best thing about this style of shoe is that they help keep your feet securely in the shoe, so if you’re looking to wear shoes that are slightly higher than you are used to on your big day then having an ankle strap will stop you from walking out of or wobbling in your shoes – avoiding any blunders during that all important walk down the aisle!

Peep Toes

Peep toes have an opening that shows part of the toes, but not the whole toe line. This style is not to be confused with open toe shoes, which reveal the whole toe line.

Peep toes are considered to be a very sexy and modern style of shoe, and a lot of young brides opt for peep toes to show off their pedicures and add a bit of personality to their wedding shoes.

This style of shoe looks particularly good peeping (pun intended!) out from underneath a long wedding gown, and as they come in all heel heights and designs you are guaranteed to find a pair of peep toes that will suit your dress.


Slingbacks have a strap that connects from the sides of the shoe, and wraps around the back part of the foot. This style of shoe was particularly popular in the 1930s and has made several appearances on the catwalks over the last few decades. Slingbacks have made a massive comeback in the last 12 months or so, and are now becoming a quite the fashion staple amongst younger brides.

Slingbacks have somewhat of a “Cinderella” feel about them, and that’s why so many modern brides are opting for this particular style of shoe to complete their princess look on their big day.

The main thing to remember when looking at slingbacks as an option for your bridal shoes is to ensure that they fit snuggly around the back of the ankle. If they are too tight they will rub and cause you a great deal of discomfort on your wedding day, and if they are too loose then you are likely to end up walking out of them and getting that “flip-flop” effect – which is never a good look, especially on your special day!

Ballet Shoes

Ballet shoes have a flat heel, closed toe, and a slipper-style construction. Although most people wear them as casual day shoes, you can find some truly stunning, silk and crystal encrusted creations that will look simply divine with your wedding dress.

Ballet shoes are a great idea if you are quite tall and don’t want to tower over your husband on the big day. They’re an ideal substitute for heels if you are struggling to walk in them, and work particularly well if you’ve got a wedding dress that just hovers above the floor – as you don’t want to wear heels and end up ruining the effect of the dress by making it look too short on you.

Coco Fashion has some lovely styles of bridal shoes in store, and our expert team can help you find the pair that’s just right for you. Why not pop in and let Coco Fashion help you find those glass slippers for your fairytale wedding? After all, what woman doesn’t want an excuse to go shoe shopping!

Best Regards,


Alice Cox

Boutique Owner

Coco Fashion


Winter Wedding Dresses – The Big Trends For Christmas 2012

With Christmas less than a week away now, so many excited brides will be in the final stages of planning their wonderful winter weddings between now and February next year. So in this week’s blog I wanted to look at some of the big trends for this season and give any upcoming brides-to-be a few last minute tips to get that perfect Winter Wonderland wedding that they have always dreamed of.

Fairytale Bridal Dresses

With your winter wedding dress, you can go all out and think full skirts, elegant materials and lots of sparkle. So let’s take a look at the top 3 styles for your winter bridal dress this year.

Bodices – Intricate and bejewelled bodices are a big trend this year and Coco Fashion has some great designs to choose from.

Take this beautiful, crystal encrusted bodice bridal dress from designer Ronald Joyce for instance. The wrap-around effect across the waist really emphasises your curves and the pleated hemline puts a very modern twists on the classic fishtail style. Incorporate a stylish up ‘do and a few key accessories and you will have the perfect winter sparkler to shimmy down the aisle in.

Lace – A timeless material, lace wedding dresses look particularly festive for a winter wedding, as many styles and patterns are often reminiscent of frosty florals or delicate snowflakes.

Add that special edge to your winter wedding dress by opting for this stunning, top-to-toe lace creation which absolutely screams “first frost of winter”. The sweet-heart neckline and fitted waist will really bring out your figure and make the most of the delicate and feminine areas of your silhouette.

Long Sleeves – With UK winters getting colder and colder you might find this last big style more of a necessity than ever before, as long sleeves and not only a hot trend for the winter months but are also very practical for Christmas weddings.

Although long sleeved dresses are thought of as being very modest, they are also a very sophisticated and incredibly sexy style on all body shapes. If you are worried about wearing long sleeves all day, why not opt for a bridal dress with a shrug or lace overlay that you can take on and off at your leisure?

This striking bridal dress combines two of 2012’s big trends in one, with a detachable lace coat with long sleeves, which is held in place with a beautiful silver broach and seamlessly glides down into the train of the dress.

Don’t Forget The Accessories…

Last year’s big winter wedding trend focused on icy silvers and frosted jewels, but this Christmas it’s all about gold and pearls when it comes to accessories, giving winter wedding styles a very vintage feel for 2012 and beyond.

I’d love to hear more about the winter wedding you are planning, so why not leave a comment below and tell me all about your winter wedding gown, venue or colour scheme – I’d love to hear your plans!

Best Regards,


Alice Cox

Boutique Owner

Coco Fashion


Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Hat Or Fascinator

Wedding hats and fascinators were once only sported by the rich and famous, or seen at the race course on Ladies Day – but not anymore. The Royal Wedding in April of last year did wonders to help bring glamorous and extravagant headwear to the forefront of British wedding fashion.

As much as the Mother Of The Bride and Mother Of The Groom have traditionally been the main wedding guests to sport a hat or fascinator on the big day, more and more guests have been opting for a fancy headpiece to finish off their outfit – and many brides are now swapping the traditional veil and tiara for a modern and show-stopping fascinator to ensure that all eyes are on them on their special day.

So let’s get to grips with the range of wedding hats and fascinators on the market today, and let Coco Fashion help you choose the right headwear for you for your special event.

Types Of Hats & Fascinators

Perched Or Angled Hats – This style is very modern, with a rounded rim pulled up away from the face. The rim is also angled up on one side, revealing one side of the face more than the other.

This style can be tricky to pull off, as angled hats are often very extravagant and over the top. You will find a lot of styles which are piled high with feathers and flowers, so if you’re looking to make a statement then this is the style for you.

The beautiful lilac creation opposite is from the Nigel Rayment range at Coco Fashion, and will look simply stunning on those with heart-shaped and rectangular faces, as you have a narrow face which will balance out the angle of the hat.

Low, Wide-Brimmed Hats – This style tends to be a tall hat, with a wide rim which comes low over the brow and is the most traditional style of wedding hat on the market.

If you’re opting for a wide-brimmed hat you should go all out and choose a brightly coloured and ornate design. After all, these hats were made to stand out. Try the Vivien Sheriff range at Coco Fashion for some really eye-catching designs.

Those with square and triangular faces will really suit this style, as you have a strong jaw line to help balance out the size of the hat.

Ornate Fascinators – Fascinators are smaller headpieces which you simply pin into the side of your hair, rather than wearing a full hat. These have become more and more popular over the last couple of years, and younger brides have taken a particular shine to them as they are a much more up-to-date way to finish off your bridal outfit if you are not keen on wearing a full veil.

Round and oval shaped faces will usually find fascinators most suitable as full hats tend to swamp your smaller face shape and make you look very round in the face.  Coco Fashion has a wide range of fascinators in store to suit both Mother Of The Bride and Bridal outfits. View our full range online here: www.cocofashion.com

How To Style Your Wedding Headwear

Once you’ve chosen the style of hat or fascinator you want to opt for on the big day, you need to understand how best to style it in order to make sure that you really look the part. Here are my top tips to remember when working you wedding headwear on the special day:

1. Don’t always choose an identical colour hat or fascinator to match with your wedding outfit – sometimes a clashing or contrasting headpiece can really set your outfit off a treat.

2. If you’re going to wear a full hat, focus on building body and volume in your hair as the full hat will flatten your hair down much more than usual and you don’t want to end up looking like you’ve hidden a bad hair day under that fantastic hairpiece!

3. If you’re wearing an angled style, pulling all of your hair to the one side that isn’t covered by the hat is a good idea as this will help to balance out the weight of the hat and make your face look more in proportion.

4. If you’ve got short hair under a hat or fascinator make sure you pull it forward around your face so that you avoid looking like the hat is taking over your entire hairstyle.

5. Fascinators look particularly striking with a well styled up ‘do, as they become a combined feature of the hair style rather than looking like you’ve simply pinned it in the side as an after-thought.

6. Always try your hat or fascinator on with your wedding outfit before you buy – you might think you’ve got the style right but until you can see the outfit as an overall look you can’t be certain you’ve made the right choice.

Happy hat shopping!

Best Regards,


Alice Cox

Boutique Owner

Coco Fashion


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