Cocktail Dresses – Choosing A Style To Suit Your Shape

As we head towards the Christmas party season the one thing on every woman’s mind will be what on earth they’re going to wear to this year’s office party. After all, you can’t wear the same dress that you wore last year, so you’ll need to invest in something new and on trend to wow your friends and colleagues during that all important Christmas ‘do.

In today’s tip I wanted to take a look at some of the fantastic cocktail dresses you could opt for this year, and help you to work out which style of dress is going to suit your shape and compliment your figure at this year’s Christmas party.

Strapless Cocktail Dresses

Strapless dresses are very sexy and glamorous, so if you’ve got narrow shoulders and a small waist then a strapless dress will really enhance your figure by drawing attention to the smallest parts of your body.

Those with large busts and broad shoulders (top heavy figures), however, should avoid strapless cocktail dresses as this style is going to make you look out of proportion by cutting you at your largest point.

Also bear in mind that most cocktail dresses are quite short, so petites will look much better in this style as there is going to be an awful lot of flesh on show – so this may not be an applicable look if you are very tall with long legs.

Backless Cocktail Dresses

Backless dresses make a real statement, but again as most cocktail dresses are quite short you may want to consider just how much flesh will be on show – especially at an office party.

This is not to say that backless cocktail dresses are a complete no-go for your Christmas ‘do, but if you are going to choose a backless number make sure that it is still an appropriate length on you so as to avoid looking too over-the-top on your night out.

Backless dresses do wonders for women with a large chest and shoulders, and those with wide hips as all of the attention is drawn to a really delicate and feminine part of your body – making you look smaller and more in proportion overall.

Fitted Versus Flowing Cocktail Dresses

The final thing to consider when choosing which style of cocktail dress is really going to make you stand out at this year’s Christmas party is whether you will suit a fitted dress or a flowing style which drops from the waist.

Fitted cocktail dresses are stunning, especially if you’ve got that much-sought after hourglass figure – but you really do need to be body confident in a short, fitted cocktail dress as it is going to leave very little to the imagination and there is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable and insecure when you’re trying to enjoy yourself.

If you’re not so body sure then choose a more flowing style, which is fitted around the chest and waist but drops away from the hips. Petite women and those who don’t have a very defined waist will really benefit from a flowing dress, as this will add volume to your bust and hips and create the impression of a much fuller figure than you may actually have.

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