Take The Stress Of Finding The Right Mother Of The Bride Dress

The wedding is fast approaching and your daughter or daughter-in-law has her perfect bridal dress, but now comes is the hard part. What is the other most important woman on the day going to wear?

The majority of Mother of the Brides’ that I meet can find it stressful to find their perfect wedding outfit. With so many designers on the market and a variety of styles and accessories to choose from it is important to bear in mind the following tips.

The Colour

The photos from the big day will be shown around to family and friends for years to come, which is why it is important to make sure your outfit colour does not clash with the bridesmaids. The way to think of it is that any colour on the opposite side of a colour wheel will clash. For example, blue against orange is horrid and – as everyone knows – red and green should never be seen.

If you have no idea what colour will go, ask the bride to get a sample of the bridesmaid dress material (most bridal shops will happily provide you with this) and along with your daughter’s approval this should relieve some of the stress.

The Shape

There are so many different shapes, styles, and designers to choose from that it can sometimes be daunting when deciding which dress to try on first. I would recommend trying on a different range of styles, but keep in mind your body shape. Dressing your figure up in the wrong style of clothing will highlight the areas of your body that you are less fond of and no-one wants to fall uncomfortable on such an important day.

Black Is Back

It was once thought that wearing black to a wedding was disrespectful but this is no longer the case. A number of designers now incorporate the colour as either a feature in the dress or the main dress colour, as many designers have found that black is the most flattering colour to suit the majority of body shapes – especially when it comes to larger sizes. Black and white is now a really popular theme for wedding attire, so you should keep your options open as a black number could be the one for you.

Be Comfortable

It’s great finding the perfect outfit, shoes and accessories for your loved one’s big day but keep in mind that weddings are often day-long events and you need to be comfortable throughout. Just because you can stand up in a tight fitting dress doesn’t mean that you’ll be quite as comfortable when you try to sit down. Make sure that whatever outfit you choose, you can sit down comfortably and stand up in it (and your shoes!) for long periods so you can enjoy this special day the way that every proud mother should do.

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